Legal Services:

Issues of pension:

  • Providing specialist legal advice on the conditions and the age of retirement, and legal advice on the possibility of redemption notional policyholders at all insurance funds.

  • Counting stamps, computation of pension and lump sum.

  • Handling pension application to Social Security Institute of Kavala.

  • Appeals on matters of administrative disputes.


Labor Law:

  • Calculation of labor claims.

  • Representation to the Labour Inspectorate.

  • Labour lawsuits ~ years of experience handling labor disputes and claims.


Criminal law:

  • Representation at fault, misdemeanors, felonies.

  • Performance to inquest and flagrant.

  • Write an apologetic statement - providing explanations.


Family Law:

  • Divorce (consensual - adversarial).

  • Adoption.

  • Nutrition minor, child custody, rights of access.


Commercial Law:

  • Drafting company articles association.

  • Private contracts.

  • Provide legal advice.

  • Full legal support companies

  • Establishment of companies, transfers, mergers, commercial contracts.


Property Law:

  • Performances in contracts.

  • Check real estate - weights.

  • Assertiveness - declaratory action.

  • Mortgages, deletions.

  • Write pipeline distribution property.


Payment Orders:

  • Write an order for payment of checks, bills, invoices and private agreements identification debt.

  • Write arrest and suspension injunction in order of payment.



  • Write a private agreement for tenancy for commercial lease.

  • Action to reduce rent.

  • Write-court complaint lease for a serious reason.


Indebted households:

  • Court settlement with credit institutions (banks).

  • Drafting application to access individuals in Law 3869/2010 before the competent magistrate for indebted households.


Inheritance law:

  • Wills - breach covenant.

  • Claiming rate legal fate.


Sports Law:

  • Appeals Committees economic disputes.

  • Labour claims athletes.


Land Registry:

  • Adjustment property.


Interim measures:

  • Set a temporary situation.

  • Sequestration.


Traffic accidents:

  • Write a treatment for mental anguish, moral damages, losses.


Translation and validation:

  • In English and French.